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The ANKA Chemistry Laboratory (2.1.3) is part of the user Support infrastructure available to Scientists when they come to ANKA for their beamtime or experiments.
Questions as to its use should be sent beforehand to the beamline scientist and the Chemistry Laboratory (2.1.3) personnel to optimize and prepare for the planned and other related experiments!
 overview chemistry lab
Chemistry Lab Abzug The Laboratory is situated in the hall with direct access to the beamlines and has a diverse range of equipment from low and high temperature ovens and other ancillary equipment, such as a coolable centrifuge.
Experiments which involve complicated setups and/or preparations are possible but need to be clarified beforehand with the responsible People (Beamline Scientist, Contact Person of the Chemistry Laboratory) in order to check and facilitate usage. Safety is also another important aspect that has to be checked in advance with the responsible people.
In line with the changes concerning Safety at KIT and the new Database for Chemical and Hazardous substances (ChemA) the section for the Institute has been split into different groups representing the various Laboratories and infrastructure of ANKA and IPS. The Chemistry Laboratory now also has a separate computer specifically for access to ChemA and other additional Safety documentation available on the Internet such as the Material Safety Data Sheets from the company sites and other sources. To ease storage requirements and use, provide a temporary storage for some chemicals needed during experiments, two special (movable) safety cabinets have been bought and located at strategic points in the ANKA Hall. The safety cupboards equipped with extraction filters are principally for extra storage of solvents although other chemicals may be stored (but only on request and following clarification) and will be available in late Sommer
Chemistry lab storage

Updated forms and regulations along with a pdf copy of the the Laboratory instruction which will be part of the new “safety instruction video” (available mid of 2014).

Dr. David Batchelor

Beamline Scientist
Soft and Hard X-ray Spectroscopy; Head of ANKA's Chemistry Lab
david batchelorOht9∂kit edu

FLUO Beamline

Dr. David Batchelor

Research interests

  • Soft and Hard X-Ray spectroscopies to elucidate geometric structural and electronic state information utilising both photon and electron based methods. 
  • Fundamental research in Surface Science and its application to applied fields such as energy conversion in photo-voltaics, fuel cells and catalysis. 
  • Instrumentation development in the above areas and beamlines. 

Professional  activity

  • Since 2008 Staff Scientist at ANKA within the “Applied Spectroscopy” group at KIT. 
  • Responsible for Chemistry Lab (2.1.3) and a radiation protection officer.  
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