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Dr. David Batchelor

Beamline Scientist
Soft and Hard X-ray Spectroscopy; Head of ANKA's Chemistry Lab
david batchelorQxw6∂kit edu

FLUO Beamline

Dr. David Batchelor

Research interests

  • Soft and Hard X-Ray spectroscopies to elucidate geometric structural and electronic state information utilising both photon and electron based methods. 
  • Fundamental research in Surface Science and its application to applied fields such as energy conversion in photo-voltaics, fuel cells and catalysis. 
  • Instrumentation development in the above areas and beamlines. 

Professional  activity

  • Since 2008 Staff Scientist at ANKA within the “Applied Spectroscopy” group at KIT. 
  • Responsible for Chemistry Lab (2.1.3) and a radiation protection officer.  
Selected Publications
Title Author Source Date
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