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Life Science Imaging

Life Science Imaging

Thomas van de Kamp

  • Tomographies

Tomographies of Trigonopterus weevils revealed that their hip joints work as screw-and-nut systems. Interactive 3D reconstructions allowed the simulation of movements in these articulations. Kaefer
  • 3D surface model

3D surface model of a 44 million years old fossil weevil from Baltic amber. Fossil
  • Volume rendering

Volume rendering of a fish larva
(Pike livebearer; Belonesox belizanus).
  • Volume rendering

Volume rendering of the head of the stick insect Peruphasma schultei. Thick virtual slices allow examination of internal structural details without losing the 3D impression. Kopf
  • Reconstructed tomogram

Hind-limb bones of the snake Eupodophis descouensi. Artificial view of the fossil sample with the reconstructed tomogram of the hidden limb. Knochen