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SCD Beamline

What is Single Crystal Diffraction good for?

The aim of X-ray Single Crystal Diffraction (SCD) is the determination of the atomic coordinates in the unit cell of a single crystal. The ANKA-SCD beamline allows structure determination of large crystallized molecules with lattice parameters from about 2 nm to about 20 nm. The largest class of these are biological macromolecules, in particular proteins. Sample sizes typically are between (0.1 mm)3 and (0.5 mm)3. As the energy of the radiation incident onto the sample is tunable over a wide energy range by means of a monochromator, application of the MAD (Multiple Anomalous Dispersion) method for phase determina­tion is feasible. The high incoming photon flux and low beam divergence - as compared to x-ray tubes - allows data acquisition from weakly diffracting crystals or with higher resolution.

Team SCD
1 additional person visible within KIT only.

Aufbau SCD Beamline


Available Methods, Obtainable Parameters

  • Single Crystal Diffraction (SCD):
    Yields electron density maps and atomic coordinates within the asymmetric unit of the unit cell of a single crystal.
  • Single / Multiple Anomalous Dispersion (SAD/MAD):
    These are special SCD techniques to determine the scattering phases from the anomalous signals of certain elements, e.g. of heavy atoms in vicinity of absorption edges, and thereby solve the phase problem.
  • Wide Angle X-Ray Scattering (WAXS):
    Allows to derive pair correlation functions. This technique, particularly suited for the investigation of structural properties of polymers, provides information about order within the crystalline regions of a sample and about the fraction of crystalline material.
Energy range
4 keV - 20 keV → Ti to Mo K-edge, I to U L-edge [1]
Energy resolution [ΔE/E]
Si (111): 3.5 10-4 @ 9 keV
1.5 T Bending magnet (EC = 6 keV)
Flat Rh coated Si mirror with bending mechanism, double crystal monochromator with bender on the 2nd crystal
Beam size at sample
approx. 2 mm (hor) x 1 mm (ver), depending on focusing conditions
Flux at sample position
Si(111): 3x10+10 ph/s/0.1%bw in 1 mm² @ 9 keV
Experimental setup / sample stage
2 diffractometers with ω, fixed χ, φ - circles
Experimental setup / sample environment
N2 cryo cooler (80 K - 400 K, 0.1 K accuracy, Oxford Cryosystems)
Experimental setup / detectors
Ø 340 mm Image Plate (STOE IPDS 2)
62 mm x 62 mm CCD ( < 2 seconds total read time), (60 µm)² resolution, Bruker AXS SMART APEX)
Energy resolving SDD for fluorescence scans, 140 eV resolution @ 5.9 keV (Ketek AXAS)
Software / Data treatment / Evaluation

[1] Intensity drops considerably at both ends of the spectrum, below about 6 keV due to air and window absorption and above about 17 keV due to limitations of the DCM crystal bending radius and the bending magnet spectrum.
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