Accelerator Test Facility and Synchrotron Radiation Source at KIT

Microstructural investigation of Cement-based materials and the benefit of the application of synchrotron techniques

  • place:new ANKA seminar room, building 348, 2nd floor
  • Date:29.01.2014
  • Inviting person:Yin Cheng, KIT-IPS
  • Speaker:Xianping Liu
  • Time:11:00 a.m.
  • Abstract:

    The understanding of the microstructure development of cement-based materials is the central issue about the application of cements to achieve high level of performance. Although large number of conventional experimental techniques is available to obtain information about the microstructure properties during the hydration process, there are still limitations in providing full description of all characteristics quantitatively and spatially. This talk will focus on imaging and diffraction techniques used in the research of cement-based materials and the benefits of the application of synchrotron radiation techniques. X-ray microtomography, X-ray laminography, coherent X-ray diffraction imaging and XRD/Rietveld methods and some applications will be described in detail.

  • Affiliation:School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tongji Universty, Shanghai, China