Accelerator Test Facility and Synchrotron Radiation Source at KIT

Experience of BINP in the field of RF linear accelerators

  • place:

    new ANKA seminar room, building 348, 2nd floor

  • Date:


  • Inviting person:

    Marcel Schuh, KIT-LAS

  • Speaker:

    Aleksey E. Levichev 

  • Time:


  • The experience of Budker institute of nuclear physics in the field of RF linear accelerators is presented. The systems for developing, analysis, measurements and producing of RF elements for linear accelerators are reviewed. Examples for beam dynamics simulation are presented. Electron-positron injector complex VEPP-5 with beam energy up to 300 and 450 MeV correspondingly is described. Accelerating structures, power compression system like SLED type and their characteristics are shown.  Experience of producing and operation with new type parallel coupled accelerating structure is presented. Advantages of such structure are reviewed.

  • Affiliation:

    BINP, Novosibirsk, Russia