Accelerator Test Facility and Synchrotron Radiation Source at KIT

Multi-Objective Genetic based Algorithms and Experimental Beam Lifetime Studies for the Synchrotron SOLEIL Storage Ring

  • place:

    ANKA seminar room, building 348, 2nd floor

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  • Inviting person:

    Robert Ruprecht, KIT - IBPT

  • Speaker:

    Xavier Galvada 

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  • Multi-Objectives Genetic Algorithm (MOGA) is a computational tool used the last 15 years in particle accelerators to optimize the linear and non-linear beam dynamics. The optimization objectives defined at Synchrotron SOLEIL are the dynamic and momentum aperture strongly related with the injection efficiency and the Touschek lifetime, respectively. Solutions obtained after one month of computation in the high level computational cluster of SOLEIL using 200 CPUs are analyzed. The improvement of the Touschek lifetime obtained with MOGA is confirmed by the beam-based experiments. The beam lifetime of the SOLEIL storage ring is increased 40-50 %.

  • Affiliation:

    SOLEIL, France