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PCaPAC 2014 from 15th to 17th October will focus on

  • Control Systems (Status reports, Control system frameworks (EPICS, Tango, Tine), Network design, Reliability and longevity of control systems
  • User interfaces and Data Displays (mobile systems, web services and other)
  • Cyber security (Gateways, Internet connectivity and other)
  • Hardware technologies (DSP, FPGA and devices, Accelerator specific development, Timing System PC busses and other)
  • Modern Data Acquisition (commercial off-the-shelf systems, (real-time) operating systems. embedded systems, PLC´s, IOC´s and other)
  • Management of Software projects (Development processes, Quality Assurance, In time development and other)
  • Databases (Control DBs, extremely large databases, noSQL DBs and other)

Invited talks will give an overview of status and perspectives in the above topics.