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Invited Talks

Talk Speaker
About ZeroMQ

In this talk, Pieter Hintjens, founder of the ZeroMQ community, and author of the O'Reilly ZeroMQ book, will explain why we built ZeroMQ, how it works, and how to use it in your projects. Pieter will also touch on the ZeroMQ development process itself, a reusable model for other open source projects.

Pieter Hintjens, IMATIX

Grid and Clouds, a look ahead
In this talk, Fabrizio Gagliardi describes the current transformation of the computing landscape. The advent of Virtualization have made possible highly scaleable and affordable distributed computing systems such as those offered by Cloud providers, public or private. This poses new challenges and problems to do with latency in accessing the data, SLAs, privacy and security issues. At the same time the explosion of data has generated the emergence of new computing paradigms such as MapReduce and Hadoop and the need for new computing storage hierarchies for HPC and distributed computing. Embedded and real-time systems are also affected from these new trends.

Fabrizio Gagliardi,

Current trend in Software Development Management
Over the past decades the Software Engineering community has proposed (and later rejected) numerous methods to tackle essential problems of software development. In this talk we summarize which of these methods and techniques to our understanding contribute to successful development projects. A special emphasis will be given to so called "agile development methods". We will outline how these methods, in particular extreme Programming and Scrum, help to identify problems of development projects at early points of time. In addition the talk will try to summarize which architectural and programming guidelines have proven successful to implement maintainable software, for example design by contract. WPS Workplace Solutions GmbH is a spin off of the University of Hamburg, Department of Informatics. WPS manages and implements medium size to large software projects. WPS's experience covers the whole range of Software Engineering methods and techniques from code analysis of legacy software and software requirements elicitation to software design and implementation - in long term projects and in big teams.

Carola Lilienthal, 
WPS - Workplace-Solutions GmbH
Determining and Displaying Machine Availability Automatically
Maximized availability has become an important issue in the field of today's particle accelerator operation, where downtimes of even a few minutes can have a significant influence. Thus a reliable online monitoring of accelerator states within the control system is required, including both declared operation modes as well as alarm states. Would it be possible to rely completely on fully automated data collection for predefined states and predefined operation schedules? And if so, how would we best go about doing this? Or is offline data manipulation unavoidable? Some practical experience will be presented.
Heiko Ehrlichmann, DESY
Database Technologies and Applications
This contribution will give an overview of current database systems and their main application areas. The presentation will start with a brief introduction describing the key implementation technologies and different applications areas of traditional relational database systems. The talk will then cover more recent developments in the area of extremely large databases, in-memory databases and several “no-SQL” systems to point out their respective advantages for specific problem areas. The presentation will conclude with an outlook on upcoming technology changes in the database and storage area, outlining their possible impact on science database applications.
Dirk Duellmann, CERN, Geneva