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Synchrotron light is available for use in KIT in-house projects and projects of mutual interest. Beamtime may also be applied for proprietary projects.

The following pages procvide information how partners may conduct scientific research projects with access to the beamlines and the storage ring.

Collaborations should be arranged well before the experiment starts. The usual course of action would be to:

  • address the issue,
  • agree on a collaboration,
  • name a local contact managing the access,
  • include the local scientist(s) in the interpretation of results,
  • agree and include the involved KIT scientists in the author list for publications.


We remind you that the User Coordination Office needs your cooperation in keeping track of all publications resulting from research carried at the facility and the beamlines. This can be achieved by sending an e-mail to your local contact and/or to the User Coordination Office containing details of the reference as soon as it has been published or accepted.

Importing Equipment

All visitors bringing material, including samples or equipment are advised that such equipment or material remains entirely in the responsibility of the visitors concerned.

Chemistry Laboratory / Sample Preparation

At the facility a Chemistry Laboratory for the simple preparation of samples is equipped with fume cupboards, ovens, glassware, reagents and solvents. Special experimental requirements need to be discussed with the local contact. Access to the Chemistry Laboratory is controlled via magnetic card and is applied for using the Chemistry Laboratory - Application Form. The rules and regulations for the Laboratory can be found under the link Chemistry Laboratory - Safety Regulations. Please do not hesitate to contact your local contact or the User Coordination Office for any remaining questions.

Way to us

The User Coordination Office is located in Building 345 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) - Campus North.

Parking space is available in-front of Building 345.

The facility is located adjacent to the User Coordination Office in building 348.

Directions to KIT and the Campus North are available here.

Experiment Report

In-house Research Experiment

If you have been allocated beamtime for an experiment you are required to submit a report via the ANNA for your project. If you are submitting a proposal for a new project or to continue a project for which you have previously been allocated beamtime, you must submit a report on your measurements via the web and supply a reference to this report in your new request by indicating the corresponding experiment number.

Preparation & Submission

Experiment reports are to be submitted via the ANNA. In further requests for beamtime please indicate the number(s) of the report(s) submitted on your previous measurements and whether or not your previous work supports your new proposal.

Electronic Submission

The Electronic Submission of your Experiment Report consists of two separate steps:

  1. The preparation of your file using one of the templates supplied, and its conversion to an acceptable file format (where necessary). Template for download see the webpage.
  2. The electronic submission of your file: You may submit your report in one of the following formats: PDF or Postscript. If you prepare your file in PDF format, you may submit your report directly.

If you need to prepare your file in Postscript format, please create your file using one of the available templates (list on the webpage), and read the Postscript file preparation guidelines. Once you have prepared your Postscript file, please submit your experiment report.

General Instructions

  • Report in English language.
  • For work which is published or which is in press you may simply insert a copy of the abstract together with full reference details into the report form. If the abstract is in a language other than English, ensure that you include an English translation.
  • Make sure the report does not exceed the space available; tables and figures may be included if you wish.
  • Use a font of minimum 12 points.

Please pay special attention to figures:

  • Group figures
  • Remember to include references to all figures in the text.
  • Individual figures should not be more than half the width of the page.
  • Text on figures should be readable.


For the Annual Reports

Please note that you may submit your Reports after completing your experiment.


Irrespective of special arrangements peer-reviewed publications, conference presentations, including the proceedings, and other public presentations, which result from work at the facility, have to contain an acknowledgement. Please contact the User Coordination Office for the appropiate acknowledgments.