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ANKA-FLUO - X-ray fluorescence beamline situated at bending magnet port of the ANKA storage ring

Scientific applications

  • Environmental samples (e.g. toxic element bearing phases)
  • Environmental micro particle(e.g. dust particles stemming from accidents, aerosols, meteor impact ejecta)
  • Material research (contaminations in pure materials or homogeneity of thin films)
  • Art and Archaeometry (precious samples, old prints and paintings)
  • Biology: Organs of insects and small animals

MethodsSynchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Microprobe (SR-µXRF):

  • X-ray Multielemental analysis technique on microscopically small area on sample surface or small volume element in the bulk.
  • Trace element detection at sub-ppm level (i.e. ~10ng/g for Sr in organic matrix)
  • Two dimensional mapping of the sample with µm resolution
  • Three dimensional information with confocal detector geometry or X-ray fluorescence computer tomography
  • Completely non-destructive

Total reflection x-ray fluorescence

  • surface-sensitive (grazing incindence)
  • analyzes trace impurities on the surface of flat samples (e.g. silicon wafers)
  • analyzes very small sample masses employed on a polished substrate.
  • probing depth variable from the sub nm to the µm range.
  • Minimum detection limit 108 atoms/cm2

Confocal X-Ray Fluorescence Microprobe:

  • three dimensional elemental distribution on a micrometer scale
  • elemental maps at different depth levels below the surface with a depth resolution of about 10-20μm
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Layout FLUO beamline

Fluo Aufbau

Experimental station for XRF with Ionisation chamber and evacuable sample chamber (right)

XRF set-up with large sample (handcoloured manuscript)

Micro-XRF setup (confocal) 

Energy range
1.5 keV - 33 keV
Energy resolution [ΔE/E]
2x10-2 or white light
1.5 T Bending magnet (Ec = 6 keV)
Double multilayer monochromator (W-Si multilayers in  2.7nm period)
Focusing optics: x-ray lenses(CRL), Polycapillaries
Flux at sample position
Poly-capillary: 1 x1011 ph/s @17 keV (12μm x 12μm)
CRL: 2x109 ph/s @ 17 keV (5µm x 2µm)
Beam size at sample
5 mm (Hor) x 2 mm (Ver) down to 2 µm x 1 µm
Sample environment
Vacuum (10-2mbar, inert gas, air)
Experimental setup / detector
1 Ionisation chamber, 2 PIN-Diodes for monotoring
 Type Area [mm] Resolution [keV] Count Rate [kcp/s]
 Si(Li) *)  30  133  2
 HPGe **)  50  129  5
 SiMCD***)  50  142  30

*)  Si(Li) -energy dispersive detector produced by Oxford Instruments
**)  HPGe- High Purity Germanium detector produced by  Princeton Gamma- Tech (PGT)
***) SiMCD- Vortex Silicon Multicathode Detector
Software / Data treatment
SPEC, AXIL, Spectran, MC-simulation (MSIM), newplot, PyMca


Up-to date publication list at “Mendeley”

Publications involving research at ANKA-FLUO Beamline is a group in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics on Mendeley.

ANKA-FLUO - X-ray fluorescence beamline situated at bending magnet port of the ANKA storage ring

General information on the FLUO-Beamline:

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