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Test facility ANKA

ANKA top view  ANKA Halle

ANKA is a Test Facility and a Synchrotron Radiation Source at KIT operated by IBPT (Institute for Beam Physics and Technology)

Research Fields:


Life science


  • X-ray imaging, UV-CD, IR/THz spectroscopy and microscopy, and BIO-Lab at ANKA, and access to the European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC) at KIT
  • 4D in-vivo imaging of organisms, hierarchical and correlated imaging of organisms, tissues, cells and scaffolds
    -> Phenotype atlases for genetics, biofilms, nanotoxicology, tissue engineering, zoology (insects)
 Actinide Research
Actinide Actinide
  • Dedicated beamline (2-60 keV) & labs at KIT and (European) Institute for Transuranium Elements
    -> Nuclear waste disposal: reduction of radiotoxicity, radionuclide immobilization, actinide (geo)chemistry
 Environmental Research


Environmental Geochemistry and Microbiology:

Distribution and speciation of key elements like S, Cr, Se, As, Sb, W, Tl, Pb in e.g. mine wastes, airborne particles, water, food chain and biological tissue; strategic resources, pollutant retention strategies
-> Synchrotron environmental laboratory: dedicated multi-method X-ray beamline (2-20 keV, variable beam focus), IR-microscope station


Nanosciences and Microtechnologies
3D dislocation

Joint user operation
of ANKA & Karlsruhe Nano Micro Facility (KNMF)
In-situ growth, processing & characterization:
  • NANO-Labs, UHV analytics lab and heavy duty diffractometers at ANKA
  • Labs for laboratory analytics and micro-structuring techniques at KNMF
Materials Research and Catalysis
Material Research Material Research

In-situ and operando characterization
  • Scattering, spectroscopy, Materials for Energy Lab, Catalysis Lab at ANKA and Catalysis Center at KIT
    -> Materials for Energy: batteries, OLEDs, photovoltaics, photoelectrochemistry
    -> Catalysis: exhaust gas after treatment, energy related applications (synthetic and bio-fuels, energy storage materials, methane oxidation etc.)
    -> Materials for Transportation: properties of lightweight materials under load
Applied Science & Transfer to Economy
Wafer electromigration
  • Measuring and testing services
    -> In-situ process characterization (sputtering, laser processing, micro fluidics, hard coatings)
    -> Defect recognition, failure analysis
  • LIGA micro fabrication
  • X-ray imaging optics detectors, methods
    -> Homeland security, non-destructive testing, medical applications


Component development

Components development

Component Developments

  • 2D Detectors: high-resolution cameras, high-Z sensors, single-photon counting pixel array detectors
  • X-ray optics: condensers, CRLs, gratings, Bragg magnifiers
  • Accelerator technology: low-a mode, SC-IDs, ultra-short bunches, beam diagnostics
 Instrumentation highlights
  • Actinide Research:
    at up to 1e6 x the radioactive exemption limits
  • Lithography:
    LIGA technology developed at KIT, certified by ISO9001:2008, highest aspect ratio worldwide (Wallrabe et al.,Comprehensive Microsystems Vol.1, Elsevier, 2008)
  • IMAGE:
    UFO: ultrafast computed tomography, BIO-MIC: in-UHV cryo microscope (5-11 keV), MIQA (2016): hard X-ray microscope (20-50 keV)
  • NANO:
    Fully equipped for in-situ growth studies (PLD, MBE, MOVPE, sputter deposition, laser processing …)
  • X-SPEC (2016):
    soft and hard (90 eV - 15 keV) X-ray and electron spectroscopy, in-situ and operando studies